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Car Repairs

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Oil Changes and Transmission Services

Count on the staff at the House of Lube to provide you with efficient car maintenance services. You can choose oil changes, transmission services, and diesel truck services. Call us at (877) 869-3142 to ask questions about our services.

Oil Changes

The House of Lube features Valvoline oil products that include Valvoline conventional oil, Maxlife for vehicles with over 75,000 miles, and Valvoline Synpower for those choosing to use a full synthetic oil. 

Diesel Truck Services

Our business offers Valvoline Diesel Oil™, as well as oil filters, water separators, fuel filters, and air filters.

Fuel Filter and Injection Cleaning

A fuel injection cleaning is recommended every 15,000 to 20,000 miles and a fuel filter installation is recommended every 30,000 miles. We perform these services and offer a 100% money back guarantee if there is not an increase in mileage.

Transmission Services

If you need a transmission service for your cars and trucks, you can count on the House of Lube. 

Radiator Flushes and Refills

Remove 100% of fluid with machinery flushes from the House of Lube. We then refill your vehicle with non-recycled fluid. This service only takes about 30 minutes to flush out debris and clean the reservoir.

We Now Do Repairs

We now offer repairs that include brakes, tune-ups, alternators, starters, batteries, ball joints, tie rods, and much more. 

Come in for our free check out and estimate. Or call (877) 869-3142.